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Sahra Wagenknecht: “Compulsory vaccination is no way out of the pandemic”

Sahra Wagenknecht: “Compulsory vaccination is no way out of the pandemic”

The debate about compulsory vaccination is in full swing in Germany. For left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht (52), however, this only serves politics to distract from their own failure. “Compulsory vaccinations won’t get us out of the pandemic,” she says in clear terms for the project.

Rene Rabeder
16 December 2021 8:46 am

The rifts in society are getting deeper and deeper. The question of “vaccinated or unvaccinated” has now escalated into a real “religious war”. Wagenknecht believes that the media and politics are increasingly declaring those who refuse to be vaccinated to be the scapegoats for the pandemic. That would not coincide with her experiences. “People write to me that their children are insulted as ‘murderers’ at school because their parents don’t want them to be vaccinated, or that some of them are attacked in really bad ways by colleagues, for example,” she explains.

Politics promote division in society

In the talk at “Bild” she makes it clear: “The way in which this split is promoted by politicians by distracting from one’s own failure and pretending that a small group of the population is still to blame for the fact that we still have problems – That is simply irresponsible. ”You see it again and again and in many areas that politicians promise something before the election and do exactly the opposite after the election, said the politician. This is particularly blatant when it comes to compulsory corona vaccination. “Many politicians, not only (Federal Chancellor) Olaf Scholz, had previously said ‘Nobody intends to introduce compulsory vaccination’. And anyone who questioned that was dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. “

People would be pushed into the “extremist corner”

“We now have the debate in Germany – including some politicians – that we need a general compulsory vaccination against the coronavirus,” Wagenknecht continued. “This is not just a broken word, but above all a debate that only serves to divert attention from the failure of the politicians of the last, but also of the new government.”

The failure, said Wagenknecht, that the government would not do the things that are really necessary now to contain the pandemic. Example: prompt vaccination offers for everyone who wants to be vaccinated.

The politician sees it as a problem “that people who are skeptical have reservations and worries – that they are now all put in a corner as if they were all notorious opponents of vaccination. That is not the case at all. ”Instead of taking people’s doubts seriously and accommodating people, they are banished to an alleged extremist corner where they don’t belong, says Wagenknecht. She is currently still unvaccinated, but would be vaccinated immediately with a “traditional vaccine”.

The vaccination is mandatory

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