Monday, November 28, 2022

Suddenly and unexpectedly: Hotelier Günther Zimmel (53) is dead

Suddenly and unexpectedly: Hotelier Günther Zimmel (53) is dead

Suddenly. Completely unexpected. Way too early. The popular General Manager of the Spa Resort Styria in Bad Waltersdorf, Günther Zimmel, is dead. He was only 53 years old.

editorial staff
14 December 2021 10:17

Born in Vienna, he was extremely popular as the host of the 4 star superior resort in Bad Waltersdorf. He was in charge of the former Falkensteiner business from the opening in 2009 to 2015 and again from 2019, as the operational managing director of the Grand Spa Wellnesshotel Betriebs GmbH. In between he worked as hotel director for the Balance Resort Stegersbach and the Tauern Spa Kaprun of Vamed Vitality World.

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