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House butler wanted: Carinthian family pays 90,000 euros

House butler wanted: Carinthian family pays 90,000 euros

Do you love animals, are you vaccinated and are you looking for a new challenge? A family in Carinthia might be looking for you. A whopping 6000 euros gross, fifteen times a year, beckon the successful candidate.

editorial staff
14 December 2021 07:02

The job: It is a “team of housekeepers, a private cook, technicians and gardeners” to lead. With plenty of “commitment” one should contribute to the “well-being of the family”. And that five days a week.

Travel little, stroke a lot

The requirements: A valid gastronomy or tourism education and some experience in “exclusive households or hotels”. And a corona vaccination. In addition, “little willingness to travel and love for animals.”

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