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ORF-Wolf vs. Nehammer: “Hackers know everything about the ÖVP”

Interview with ORF Wolf vs. Nehammer: 0: 1 for the Chancellor

Relaxed, with good arguments, well prepared: The new Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) did not make the ORF presenter Armin Wolf look really good in his first TV interview. Puls4 editor Corinna Milborn also asked questions.

Richard Schmitt
13 December 2021 6:20 am

The ORF collects 650 million euros per year from its compulsory fees – and embarrassed itself with a subterranean sound quality in the first TV interview with Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP): The “ZiB2” employee Armin Wolf wanted to use a kind of “echo chamber” lead the new chancellor on ice – for example with an assessment of the FPÖ whether it is still in the “constitutional arch” or whether the FPÖ is a “party capable of governing”. In addition, Nehammer’s unequivocal answer on the ability to govern: “No, certainly not.”

And the heckling of the puls4 politics editor Corinna Milborn also faded away due to the bad sound in the marble hall.

“Hackers have long since had all of the ÖVP data”

Nehammer was also asked about radicalization in the language of politics: Nehammer’s party colleague Elisabeth Köstinger, Federal Minister for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism, had recently accused FPÖ boss Herbert Kickl of “blood on the hands”. Nehammer clearly did not share the statement that he had also spoken to Köstinger about it. One has to be careful with the language, especially now.

When asked about the “accused” status of the whole party, the ÖVP, Nehammer countered: “We had a hacker attack in the ÖVP. All of the data, all of it, was sucked out. There is nothing that the ÖVP can hide. ” And in addition, in a constitutional state, the presumption of innocence applies.

No questions about foreign policy

Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) argued why the broken lockdown promise was necessary and why he does not rule out further lockdowns. The new Chancellor advertised the Corona vaccinations and explained why the turquoise-green federal government imposed a CoV vaccination obligation. In the end, he dealt with the allegations of corruption against the ÖVP, which are being dealt with in a U-Committee.

When asked about Engelbert Dollfuss, the new Chancellor refuses Wolf: “I don’t find it difficult to call this Austrofascism. Democracy is stronger than any dictatorship. This space is the expression of a democratic republic, a symbol of the triumph of democracy. “

Karl Nehammer, ORF presenter Armin Wolf and Corinna Milborn (puls4)

What was striking in this interview: The two journalists who asked the question left out any question about Austria’s future position in international politics; foreign policy was simply not an issue. No question about Germany’s relations, no question about the energy turnaround decided in Germany, no question about Austria’s neighbors Hungary or Viktor Orban. Instead, inquiries were made via old, long-known chats.

In the Chancellery: Interview with Karl Nehammer

The positioning of the FPÖ was also discussed in the interview. Is the FPÖ so capable of governing?

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