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Omicron wave threatens: Expert warns of the next lockdown

Omicron wave threatens: Expert warns of the next lockdown

The number of new corona infections is falling – Austria is slowly opening up again. But the positive picture is clouded by gloomy predictions. With the Omikron variant, the fifth wave could soon break in on us.

Rene Rabeder
13 December 2021 10:37

The molecular biologist Andreas Bergthaler is not optimistic because of the Omikron variant. “We now have new opponents,” he said. Data from other countries would make it clear that the new Corona variant is on the advance: “In London 30 percent of all new infections are already with this variant. In England it is generally assumed that Omikron is the dominant variant at the end of the week. So it will occur in more than 50 percent of new infections. “

Austria is not an island of the blessed here either. And so at the end of one lockdown the next threatens: “If we have one, then there is no alternative. But actually you should use the coming weeks to take measures to prevent this, ”says the biologist.

Already warns of the next wave and the next lockdown: biologist Andreas BergthalerWHAT

No last minute action

Politicians also need a certain foresight: “I hope that we can all learn. Not only science, but also politics and measures are not taken at the last minute. So we shouldn’t go ahead and keep some measures. “

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