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TV appointment: eXXpress editor Anna Dobler is on ServusTV on Sunday evening

TV appointment: eXXpress editor Anna Dobler is on ServusTV on Sunday evening

eXXpress editor and columnist Anna Dobler will discuss this Sunday evening from 9:50 pm on the program “Links. Right. Middle – Duel of opinion makers ”with moderator Christoph Kotanko. The topics: Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer and his team, the traffic light coalition and the fight against corona.

Stefan Beig
12 December 2021 18:18

In addition to Anna Dobler (, Christoph Kotanko invited Franziska Augstein (journalist and Spiegel columnist), Andreas Mölzer (publicist) and Dr. Karl Jurka (political strategist and lobbyist). Part of the discussion will revolve around the new Chancellor and his team. Can Nehammer become chancellor? What does the comprehensive reshuffle of the ÖVP government team mean for the continued existence of the coalition? Does the government still have enough popular support?

Anna Dobler will discuss, among other things, the new Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer and his team

The new traffic light coalition in Berlin will also be discussed, for example about the prospects of Chancellor Scholz and the minefields of the self-proclaimed “progressive coalition”.

And of course the pandemic situation in Austria. The lockdown ends in installments, but the situation in the intensive care units remains tense. Why do federal states with high numbers of cases open almost everything, while countries with low numbers only open later and with conditions? The vaccination and the rhetoric of FPÖ boss Herbert Kickl will also provide a topic of conversation.

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