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Lull in sex for the unvaccinated? Chances of first dates are dwindling

Lull in sex for the unvaccinated? Chances of first dates are dwindling

Four out of ten singles have given up hope of finding a partner soon due to the corona pandemic. They’d all want to go back on dates, but the thought of meeting someone “in real life” makes 39 percent of singles uncomfortable.

Rene Rabeder
December 12, 2021 1:50 PM

While choosing a partner used to be about superficial things like appearance, or at most about character, now it gets under the skin. In any case, 35 percent of singles ask their potential date the question of all questions: “Have you been vaccinated?”.

Whoever answers them with no is out of the running. This applies to both female and male singles and even more so to older singles aged 60 and over. Here, 53 percent inquire about the vaccination status before agreeing to a date.

Social pressure

Young singles have another problem. It is they who have to justify themselves in their social environment if they want to get to know new people despite Corona. Under these circumstances, single men in particular have given up hope of finding a partner soon.

Clarity is important

Caroline Erb, psychologist at Parship explains: “The current situation is very challenging, dating behavior has become more complex. For many singles, very personal information such as vaccination status is relevant even before the first meeting takes place. Here it is important to deal openly and transparently with your own requirements and expectations and to communicate them. It ensures clarity and relaxation when various uncertainties and questions are clarified in advance. “

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