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Heartbeat finals in Abu Dhabi: who will take pole?

Heartbeat finals in Abu Dhabi: who will take pole?

Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton – who is crowned world champion? The last qualifying of the current Formula 1 season and at the same time the most explosive racing finale since 1974 is just around the corner.

Fabian Gernjak
11 December 2021 11:08

Formula 1 is entering its grand finale: Red Bull driver Max Verstappen and Mercedes high-flyer Lewis Hamilton are ahead of the last qualifying of the current season with 369.5 points each at the top of the table.

With nine wins, one more than Lewis Hamilton, Verstappen is slightly ahead. However, this only becomes relevant if both drivers are eliminated in Abu Dhabi, otherwise: whoever wins is world champion – there is no more excitement!

Mercedes advance in the second training session

In the second free practice session on Friday, Lewis Hamilton set the clear best practice time. The Briton was six tenths faster than his opponent Max Verstappen. The Dutchman in the Red Bull racing car was only fourth.

In the third and final free practice session (Saturday, 11 a.m.), Red Bull still has the opportunity to make changes before qualifying (2 p.m.) for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The winners of the previous 21 races:

Bahrain: Lewis Hamilton

Italy: Max Verstappen

Portugal: Lewis Hamilton

Spain: Lewis Hamilton

Monaco: Max Verstappen

Aserbaidschan: Sergio Pérez

France: Max Verstappen

Austria: Max Verstappen

Austria: Max Verstappen

Great Britain: Lewis Hamilton

Ungarn: Esteban Ocon

Belgium: Max Verstappen

Netherlands: Max Verstappen

Italy: Daniel Ricciardo

Russia: Lewis Hamilton

Turkey: Valtteri Bottas

USA: Max Verstappen

Mexico: Max Verstappen

Brazil: Lewis Hamilton

Qatar: Lewis Hamilton

Saudi Arabia: Lewis Hamilton

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