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Fake vaccination pass: Is there a risk of trouble at Hütter-Club Gladbach?

Fake vaccination pass: Is there a risk of trouble at Hütter-Club Gladbach?

In terms of sport, things are not going well at the Vorarlberger Adi Hütter’s club. Now the club is threatened with trouble off the pitch. The physiotherapist is said to have forged his vaccination certificate.

Dominik Hana
8 December 2021 14:33

It would not be the first case in Germany where someone forged a vaccination certificate from professional football. Werder coach Markus Anfang has resigned because of the allegation of falsifying vaccination records. The public prosecutor’s office is now investigating him. Now, with Borussia Mönchengladbach, a first division team is in focus. According to information from “Sport Bild”, they separated from a physiotherapist last week. It was suspected that he had forged his vaccination certificate.

Gladbach only confirmed to the newspaper that the employment relationship had been terminated. However, no reasons were given. To date, no proceedings are pending with the police in Mönchengladbach. The association is therefore likely to have noticed the discrepancies itself and has so far not reported it. Only labor law steps were taken.

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