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Scary neighbors: Swiss build “suicide capsule”

Scary neighbors: Swiss build “suicide capsule”

It runs down your spine as cold as ice. Swiss authorities have now approved the use of new “suicide capsules”. The devices, which are visually reminiscent of coffins, are simply printed out using 3D printers – and can then be taken to any location.

Rene Rabeder
7 December 2021 10:08

The capsules have a window. In this way, users of the portable suicide stations can enjoy the last view at their favorite places. “Conventional” methods of assisted suicide have always been purely chemical solutions. The “Death Pod” provides an alternative approach. “We want to enable people to control the method themselves”, says inventor Philip Nitschke.

Costs are still secret

The capsule can be activated from the inside. To use it, you have to apply online. If you then sit inside, the person willing to die has to answer previously recorded questions. Then the oxygen is withdrawn from the capsule. “The person can lie inside and enjoy the last few seconds,” it is very pleasant. The whole thing takes about 30 seconds. There is no panic and no choking.

By 2020, 1,300 people in Switzerland had decided to commit suicide. The new suicide capsules will be available from 2022. Nothing is known about the cost yet.

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