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Minister shouts “Woman” boss: Posting about Plakolm “unbearable”

Minister shouts “Woman” boss: Posting about Plakolm “unbearable”

The Twitter attacks against young politicians are causing a stir among eXXpress readers. Now ÖVP women’s minister Susanne Raab (37) spoke up. She described the attacks as “unbearable”.

Rene Rabeder
7 December 2021 12:22

On Twitter, “Woman” editor Euke Frank does not leave a good hair on the new State Secretary Claudia Plakolm (26). Their order is like trying to cope with “the worst crisis in a long time” with “underground personnel”. “Who, for example, needs a 26-year-old without training as a state secretary with a salary of € 14,760? Explain that to the boys in this country … ”, judges the partner of ORF presenter Armin Wolf.

“Should be a thing of the past”

Now the Minister for Women, Susanne Raab, speaks up. The attempt to make young and committed women like Claudia Plakolm and Laura Sachslehner small because of their age is unbearable. “That is not my understanding of empowerment and should actually be a thing of the past in our society!” Said the minister.

Is the criticism of the age of women politicians justified?

Peter Pilz attacks young ÖVP general secretary

The ex-politician and editor of a left-wing blog, Peter Pilz (67) also spoke up via Twitter. He blows Euke Frank’s horn on Twitter. His attack is the new ÖVP general secretary Laura Sachslehner (27).

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