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So yes: Ministry of Health confirms possible serious vaccination side effects

So yes: Ministry of Health confirms possible serious vaccination side effects

Very rarely, however, in younger men, as a result of vaccination with the vaccines from Moderna or BionTech / Pfizer, inflammation of the heart muscle or the outer skin of the heart can occur. The Ministry of Health in Japan has now confirmed this serious side effect of immunization against corona.

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6 December 2021 21:59

The concern about possible side effects of the Jaukerls, especially for very young and vital people, and the lack of data on their type and occurrence, is one of the most important arguments of those people who hesitate before immunization. So far, the existence of such side effects has been often and gladly denied, but in Japan the national health ministry has now officially made a concession on this matter: As the Japanese state broadcaster NHK reported last Saturday, the Japanese health ministry has now inflamed the heart muscle and the outer skin of the heart Younger men were added to a list of possible serious side effects of the Moderna and Pfizer COVID vaccines.

Side effects occurred “very rarely” – but they did

As can be seen from a survey, relevant vaccine side effects were found in an extremely small, but nevertheless significant number of people: For example, out of one million men vaccinated with Moderna, 81.79 boys aged 10 to 19 years and 48.76 Men between the ages of 20 and 29 have cardiac muscle or cardiac skin inflammation as side effects. For boys and young men who were vaccinated with the Pfizer Biontech vaccine, 15.66 and 13.32 people, respectively, had these side effects. This means that these side effects are considered “very rare”, but possible. *

“Serious Side Effects” should be printed on vaccines

According to the NHK, the ministry convened a panel of experts on Saturday and suggested that the words “serious side effects” be printed on the documents accompanying the vaccines. In addition, the hospitals should be obliged to report in detail on incidents in which symptoms occurred within 28 days of vaccination, as required by the law.

(* Side effects that occur in less than 0.01 percent of those treated (i.e. less than one in 10,000) are referred to as “very rare” in the package inserts, note.)

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