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Great puzzle: where are the nine faces hidden in this famous painting?

Great puzzle: where are the nine faces hidden in this famous painting?

Is the ear also a young woman with a baby? And does a woman’s head grow out of the right column? This picture puzzle is causing a stir on the Internet. Because: At first glance you only see the face of an older man, but in truth there are nine other faces hidden there.

editorial staff
6 December 2021 11:47

“The General’s Family” is a really successful optical illusion. But quite difficult to crack. Our brain can process a lot of information at the same time, but it tends to focus our attention on what we believe to be fundamental. We ignore the details that irritate us so that what we see makes sense. And this is how optical illusions work – just like “The General’s Family”.

Who will find the nine faces? If you can’t find them all, you can find the solution below!

The solution: how many faces did you spot?

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