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After a car accident: figure skating talent dies at the age of 18

After a car accident: figure skating talent dies at the age of 18

Figure skating talent Elly Mattiuzzo died at the age of 18 after a traffic accident. The tragedy occurred in San Marino on Saturday evening. Her friend Daniele Volanti (18) was also killed in the car accident.

Dominik Hana
6 December 2021 12:03

At around 9:30 p.m., according to the “Gazzetta dello Sport”, the couple was driving in a Fiat 500 on the road from Borgo Maggiore towards Castello di Murata. Suddenly the figure skater’s friend lost control of the car, got into oncoming traffic and then collided with a VW Golf. The Fiat 500 was completely destroyed. Both Daniele Volanti and Elly Mattiuzzo were dead instantly!

The occupant of the VW Golf (19) was injured, but his life is not in danger. There have been several accidents at this point in the past. Daniele Volanti was a fan of motorsport, while Elly Mattiuzzo took part in Milan with the “Hot Shivers”, a synchronized figure skating group in 2019 at the Junior World Championships in Neuchâtel (Switzerland).

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