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Nehammer on corona demos: “anti-democratic behavior”

Nehammer on corona demos: “anti-democratic behavior”

The designated Chancellor and still Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) has once again identified “anti-democratic behavior” in the Corona demonstrations. “The large number of criminal law reports clearly shows the anti-democratic and unsolidified behavior of individual participants that is shown here towards the police and society,” he said on Sunday. FPÖ boss Herbert Kickl thanked the demonstrators.

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5 December 2021 11:37

“When demonstrators attack those police officers who guarantee their freedom of assembly, it is not only grotesque in terms of content, but also unacceptable in terms of democratic politics and incompatible with our values ​​as a society,” said Nehammer about the riots at yesterday’s gatherings with over 40,000 people.

“The numerous advertisements in the context of yesterday’s demo events in Vienna show the special requirements for the police officers, which they once again mastered with great commitment, caution and the goal of de-escalation. I expect the participants in current and future gatherings to hold the protest in a peaceful and democratic manner – without endangering the police, without damaging property, without hatred or intolerance or anti-Semitism, ”said Nehammer and wished the five at yesterday Demo in Vienna injured officials a speedy and full recovery.

67 reports were filed under the Criminal Code, including those relating to resistance to state power, assaults, property damage, and bodily harm. There were more than 620 administrative reports, almost all of them due to the Covid measures (mask requirement). Five police officers were injured and five were arrested under the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Kickl spoke up on Facebook and thanked the demonstrators: “Today that was another unmistakable, strong and peaceful sign of the will for freedom and the resistance to the planned forced vaccination. The turquoise-green government has come to an end. It is finally enough for the people and the call for new elections is becoming increasingly clear. THANK YOU Austria for this great protest Saturday! You’re great!” (APA)

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