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“EXXpress Life: The Coaching and Service Magazine” with Carina Schwarz

“EXXpress Life: The Coaching and Service Magazine” with Carina Schwarz

Every Friday at 8:15 p.m. we devote ourselves to important topics relating to body, mind and soul and provide you with helpful tips and impulses for a good life! The 8th episode of “eXXpress Life” is all about relationships. Tonight at 8:15 p.m. on eXXpressTV – now also in Magenta’s cable network in 170th place!

editorial staff
3 December 2021 12:41

Many dream of the perfect partner with whom we want to share our whole life. Togetherness in happiness and harmony. But relationships and their intentions have changed. While couples used to be more of a special purpose bond, which was shaped by the traditional distribution of roles, a strong social change is recorded, especially with regard to partnerships. Nowadays a relationship is primarily about the two partners themselves, the focus is on the need for autonomy. The quality of the relationship today has to compete with the duration of the relationship.

Generation Y has become known, among other things, as the “generation incapable of relationships”. We change our partners as quickly as our job. True to the motto “prefer to bind without obligation”, the desire for independence is very pronounced. According to scientists, there is definitely a great longing for the classic stable, sustainable partnership. Only the demands on a relationship, both in terms of what it is supposed to achieve and the way in which it is managed, have changed significantly. The partner should inspire oneself, be increasingly perfect and fit as well as possible into the concept of life. The feeling that there could always be something that could make life better is more present than ever. Partnerships have become part of the optimization craze.

We speak to psychotherapist for couple and sex therapy, author and philosopher Prof. Dr. Monika Wogrolly about this phenomenon, among other things. We dedicate ourselves to questions such as: What does it take for a well-functioning relationship? How has the relationship model changed? Are life partners more realistic than marriage? Have fears of attachment increased in recent years and if so, how do they show themselves? And: Does the age of online dating have more influence on us than we are aware of? You can see this and much more today at 8:15 pm in the 8th episode “eXXpress Life” – only on eXXpressTV.

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