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Vaccination war escalates among our ski girls

Vaccination war escalates among our ski girls

When does Sports Minister Werner Kogler (Greens) intervene? The vaccination dispute among the ÖSV women threatens to escalate. Franziska Gritsch does not want to be vaccinated and is celebrated as a heroine on the internet. However, she encounters a lack of understanding among her team.

Rene Rabeder
1 December 2021 07:55

Because she does not want to be vaccinated, Franziska Gritsch voluntarily refrains from going to the World Cup in North America. Even the greatest dream of every athlete – participation in the Olympic Games – has thus probably come to an end. The career is at a crossroads. “It is and was not the easiest decision for me, but if I have learned something from my past, stand behind what you are convinced of,” she recently explained (eXXpress reported).

For teammate Julia Scheib, this is incomprehensible. In “Standard” she finds critical words: “If you are unsure, you should get a second opinion. One should be enlightened. But not from a neighbor, but from an expert, ”said Scheib.

“The vaccination is safe”

She herself had Corona when there was still no vaccination. Scheib: “I was sickly for two weeks and missed a few races. I had back pain and air problems. ”So she didn’t hesitate and got the vaccine. “As in sport, I trust those people whose decades of work in this area speak for themselves and who tell me understandably on the basis of current, reliable findings: The vaccination is safe. She works. And it protects – me and others. “

She can’t resist another swipe at her colleague who is critical of the vaccination. “There are many situations in life in which you should listen to your heart. A global pandemic is not one of them for me. We live in difficult times. The hospitals are being passed over, the nursing staff has been working hard for two years without a break. It is sheer madness. You have to think of the general public, ”said Scheib.

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