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Many puzzles: when is Novavax coming?

Many puzzles: when is Novavax coming?

According to the latest reports, another vaccine from the US company Novavax with the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein as an antigen could be approved before Christmas. As a result, vaccines with inactivated virus and an adjuvant are likely to come. However, experts do not recommend waiting for it.

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1 December 2021 17:31

The reason: Austria could otherwise face massive gaps in conventional immunizations. Experts warned of this on Wednesday at an online press conference on the occasion of the Austrian Vaccination Day. “Now is not the time to wait. It is a very bad choice. We don’t just need the third stitch (against Covid-19; note). People who have not yet been vaccinated should continue to start the series of vaccinations, ”explained the Viennese vaccinologist Ursula Wiedermann-Schmidt (MedUni Vienna). The expert emphasized that all Covid-19 vaccines that have existed so far are “dead vaccines” because they do not contain any pathogens capable of multiplying.

“Dramatic drop in vaccinations”

But it wasn’t just about Covid-19. At the Austrian Vaccination Day under the general motto “One year of corona vaccinations – is the pandemic under control?” the new Austrian vaccination plan was also presented. And as far as the many important vaccinations contained therein are concerned, there are obviously large gaps caused by the pandemic. The head of the vaccination department of the Austrian Medical Association, Rudolf Schmitzberger, stated: “There has been a dramatic drop in vaccinations. Only 40 percent of the meningococcal and hepatitis B vaccinations were obtained. ” Likewise, apparently only 80 percent of the multiple vaccinations for babies and children, including against diphtheria, polio, tetanus, etc. have been used. Even with TBE there would have been a slump in vaccinations. (APA / red)

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