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Zurich wants to banish the “Mohr” from the cityscape

Zurich wants to banish the “Mohr” from the cityscape

In the Swiss capital, all “colonial and racist signs” should disappear from the public. This also applies to the term “Mohr”. You have a “racist effect”.

editorial staff
26 November 2021 20:54

Two historical properties with the inscriptions “Zum Mohrenkopf” and “Zum Mohrentanz” are currently affected, as reported by the NZZ. As the local city council has now decided, the word has a “racist effect”, which is why it should be covered with a stone slab.

The politicians follow the argument that it is irrelevant how a term was once meant, but that it is only decisive how it affects people today. As the newspaper further reports, there were very emotional reactions to the decision within the population. There is therefore concern that the city council wants to change the writing of history.

In addition, information boards on site should inform people about the inscriptions that are no longer visible. A QR code then leads to a website with further information.

Do you perceive the word “ Mohr ” as racist?

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