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“EXXpress Life: The Coaching and Service Magazine” with Carina Schwarz

“EXXpress Life: The Coaching and Service Magazine” with Carina Schwarz

Every Friday at 8:15 p.m. we devote ourselves to important topics relating to body, mind and soul and provide you with helpful tips and impulses for a good life! The seventh episode of “eXXpress Life” is all about the immune system. Tonight at 8:15 p.m. on eXXpressTV – now also in Magenta’s cable network at number 170!

editorial staff
26 November 2021 12:47

The immune system works to fight pathogens that enter the body and prevent infection – it’s called the body’s biological defense system. The immune system, however, is not an independent organ, it is a complex network and the central research subject of the Immunology.

The temperatures are dropping and you are worried about getting sick. Colds, coughs and infections are not only an issue in winter – viruses, bacteria, fungi and other germs are often triggers. But how is it that some people hardly get sick, or not at all, while others get sick frequently? There are several factors that affect the immune system. Many of them are known: sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress – but topics such as social status, relationship and sexuality also contribute significantly to the status of our immune system.

In today’s episode, we’re looking at the immune system a little differently than we might generally be. Because the nature of our thoughts and our emotional state play an essential role in holistic health. Together with physiotherapist and psycho-neuro-immunologist Andreas Mitischka, we want to understand how the “selfish immune system” works and find out what this term is all about.

Is there really a strong or weak immune system? Do we really need to protect our body? And the most important of all questions: Can we motivate you to take a cold shower and kiss more often after this episode? You can see this and much more in the seventh episode of “eXXpress Life” – tonight at 8:15 pm on eXXpressTV!

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