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Because of death threats: World Economic Forum has to cancel meetings

Because of death threats: World Economic Forum has to cancel meetings

There will be no public meetings at the next World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January. The decision was made because of the recent repeated death threats from conspiracy ideologues against employees of the World Economic Forum, reported the Swiss news agency Keystone-SDA.

editorial staff
26 November 2021 20:26

Since the security of the so-called Open Forum is difficult to guarantee, this part will be deleted. In addition, the already enormous safety precautions are to be further strengthened.

The Open Forum has been organized on the fringes of the main event in a school building in Davos since 2003. Representatives of organizations, artists, musicians and other personalities come together with leading representatives of the economy and with politicians.

This year’s edition of the World Economic Forum was canceled due to the pandemic. From January 17th to 21st it will take place again under the motto “Work together, restore trust”.

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