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First charter deportation flights with Bosnian participation

First charter deportation flights with Bosnian participation

Cooperation with Bosnia-Herzegovina on charter operations is slowly taking shape. On Tuesday, two Bosnian experts flew to Nigeria for the first time as observers in a Frontex return operation. Bosnian officials are trained to organize charter operations as part of the “Platform against illegal migration”.

Marko Boranijasevic
24 November 2021 13:33

The aim is for Bosnia and Herzegovina to independently carry out the repatriation of migrants from the Western Balkans to the countries of origin who are staying illegally in the country. In addition, Austria supports the voluntary return from Bosnia-Herzegovina as part of a UN project with 300,000 euros. This helps migrants return and reintegrate in their home countries.

Cooperation with Bosnia is being strengthened

Cooperation with the Western Balkans in the fight against illegal migration was also an issue at the working meeting between Interior Minister Karl Nehammer and EU Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi in Vienna at the beginning of the week. Commissioner Várhelyi has given his full support and the Commission will also provide financial resources for a charter return from Bosnia to Pakistan.

Migration must be stopped through cooperation

“The European Union must cooperate with third countries on an equal footing and with all its might in order to curb illegal migration at an early stage. This includes both North Africa and the Balkans. With our platform against illegal migration, we are placing a strong emphasis on the subject of repatriations in order to send a clear signal to smugglers and irregular migrants that people without a residence permit will also be consistently returned. I am very happy and grateful that Commissioner Várhelyi is so actively supporting our initiative to organize returns directly from the Balkans ”, said Interior Minister Karl Nehmammer.

-) Repatriation under special COVID-19 protective measures

-) handed over a total of 32 people to the authorities in Nigeria

-) including nine Nigerian nationals from Austria

-) The repatriated persons did not voluntarily fulfill their obligation to leave the Austrian federal territory within the set period, which is why the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum (BFA) had to carry out the forced removal. The nine people brought out of Austria from Austria are exclusively foreigners whose proceedings have already been legally concluded with negative results.

-) five of these people repatriated from Austria were criminally convicted during their stay and were convicted of various offenses. The offenses include grievous bodily harm, attempted resistance to state violence and drug-related offenses.

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