Tuesday, December 7, 2021

“Expertise” by Xavier Naidoo: Vaccinated people cause zombie apocalypse

“Expertise” by Xavier Naidoo: Vaccinated people cause zombie apocalypse

Singer Xavier Naidoo (50) recently caused a stir with crude conspiracy theories. In his notorious Telegram group, he finally shot the bird with a voice message.

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24 November 2021 08:46

When it comes to the Covid vaccination, he believes “that you inject something into these people that turns them into something that looks similar to what you see in zombie films”. And of course he also has a background theory for it. It is no coincidence that Hollywood recently focused so heavily on zombie films. The zombie apocalypse has been planned for a long time. He has received a lot of applause from his Telegram followers. “This vaccination prevents access to our spirituality” or “I have the feeling that they are losing their empathy,” some commented. One user claims to have observed that there are now more accidents in road traffic.

The duplication

The Mannheim musician has made a few statements since the beginning of the corona pandemic that you can only shake your head. Naidoo believes in a flat earth, demons, elites who drink children’s blood and in an occupied Germany. But now he’s going one level up. In recent times he has increasingly dealt with horror films that are about “ghouls, zombies and the undead”. Therefore, he has now made a thought that might sound “extremely absurd or crazy”.

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