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Aerosol experts: “Banning Christmas markets is counterproductive”

Aerosol experts: “Banning Christmas markets is counterproductive”

Now that some Christmas markets have also been banned at our German neighbors, leading aerosol experts have spoken out. Closing it down could even achieve exactly the opposite of the desired effect.

Fabian Gernjak
24 November 2021 12:29

After some federal states in this country have already canceled or postponed their Christmas markets in advance due to the corona situation, everyone has had to close lockdown nationwide since then at the latest. Even with our neighbors in Germany, a rejection has been ordered in some federal states – now aerosol researchers are loud.

The risk of infection is up to 100 times higher indoors

“From an aerosol-physical point of view, a ban on Christmas markets makes absolutely no sense. Very few infections take place in the open air, ”said Gerhard Scheuch, former President of the International Society for Aerosol Medicine, to“ Welt ”. According to the researcher, the risk of infection is 20 to 100 times higher in closed rooms.

More people will meet in private indoor spaces

The President of the Society for Aerosol Research, Christof Asbach, added that it was important to keep a sufficient distance. If this can be guaranteed, he sees no problems. On the contrary: According to his fears, the closure will even be counterproductive. As a result, more people will meet in private interiors and thus increase the infection rate dramatically.

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