Tuesday, December 7, 2021

NEOS boss Meinl-Reisinger: “Lockdown is excessive”

NEOS boss Meinl-Reisinger: “Lockdown is exaggerated”

The NEOS boss does not want to let the federal government “out of the responsibility to set positive vaccination incentives”. NEOS club chairwoman Beate Meinl-Reisinger renewed and reinforced her criticism of the government’s corona management and the current lockdown on Monday evening.

Marko Boranijasevic
23 November 2021 06:40

At the moment, there is no doubt that an “emergency stop” is needed, but locking the entire country is simply no longer proportionate in any way. She considers the current lockdown and the mandatory vaccination mandatory from February 1 to be a consequence of the past few months – the government has done far too little to stimulate vaccination readiness with positive incentives. For this one should “not let the government out of responsibility”.

Current lockdown is “slap in the face”

For the currently smallest opposition party in the Austrian parliament, the renewed hard lockdown in Austria is the result of a “total failure of the federal government”, which club chairwoman Beate Meinl-Reisinger also made clear to Armin Wolf in “ZiB2” on Monday evening. There are various reasons why NEOS voted against the lockdown in the National Council on Sunday. “The most important thing is that we as the liberal party say clearly that the restriction of freedom must be justified and not the other way around.”

The situation is different from a year ago, a large part of the population has been vaccinated. “We just as well see that action is needed now,” she said. Closing everything one and a half years after the start of the pandemic – including retail and gastronomy – was “excessive”, however. “The most important are contact restrictions and these are standardized by restricting life in the evening,” she said with a view to closing the night gastronomy. The lockdown is also a “slap in the face” for people who have been vaccinated and tested regularly.

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