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Consequences of the pandemic: A diabetes tsunami looms after lockdowns

Consequences of the pandemic: Now we are also facing a diabetes tsunami

Leading experts are warning of a diabetes pandemic in the next two years as a direct consequence of the corona virus. Type 2 diabetes cases are increasing. Even before the pandemic, but particularly strong at the moment. I would call it a “diabetes pandemic”, according to Germany’s leading diabetologist, Prof. Dr. Baptist Gallwitz (64).

Marko Boranijasevic
23 November 2021 08:59

“A little more than a third of Germans gained an average of almost six kilograms during the Corona period,” said the diabetologist Prof. Dr. Baptist Gallwitz in the “Bild”. For people with a tendency to be overweight, specifically with a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30, it was even around seven kilograms. “And we know that obesity is the biggest risk factor for diabetes. It is clear that the number of cases is increasing, ”said the spokesman for the German Diabetes Society.

Another unfortunate circumstance is that many patients avoided going to the practices during the Corona times. “They will make up for it if they feel more secure or if they are not well. So I am assuming that there will be many more cases that we have not yet known about, ”says Professor Gallwitz from the Tübingen University Hospital. Regardless of Corona, the German Diabetes Society expects that there will be around 12 million people affected in Germany by 2040 if the numbers continue to rise.

Around nine million people in Germany suffer from the widespread disease. There are more than 500,000 new cases each year, and the trend has been rising sharply for years.

A lot would be gained with 30 minutes of exercise a day

The most important things are a healthy diet, i.e. low sugar and reduced intake of carbohydrates, and exercise, that is at least 30 minutes a day. A British study from 2017 showed that severe weight loss can even lead to many patients with type 2 diabetes leading a normal life even without medication.

“That really is the essence of it all. You can’t avoid it if you want to stay healthy or become one. It is also important that those affected take their check-ups. It is really important that you stick with it, ”emphasizes Prof. Gallwitz.

80 percent of younger intensive care patients are overweight

An intensive care doctor is now sounding the alarm in Austria: Dr. Johann Reisinger is head of the internal intensive care unit of the Sisters of Mercy in Linz. Of all Covid patients in intensive care units, around 80 percent are older than 50 years, and most of them have known risk factors such as high blood pressure, heart failure or diabetes, reports the doctor. Of the patients younger than 50 years of age who end up in an intensive care unit with Covid, 80 percent are more or less overweight.

Did you gain weight in lockdown?

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