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Climate activist: “There will be attacks on oil pipelines!”

Climate activist: “There will be attacks on oil pipelines!”

He is considered to be the godfather of the climate protest in Canada. David Suzuki now issued a warning to the entire world. Unless politicians do everything they can to reverse climate change, there will be attacks on the oil and gas infrastructure.

Rene Rabeder
23 November 2021 10:50

“We’re deep in the shit …”, Suzuki yelled into the microphone in front of members of the climate chaots of “Extinction Rebellion” in Vancouver. The next step from now on is that pipelines would have to be blown up if politicians weren’t listening, the activist said.

There would already be violence within the scene. Of course, he himself would reject it. And first and foremost, it is anyway the governments and companies that attack the protesters, he tells the National Post. There is now little room for protest – in the end, climate protection activists will have nothing other than violence.

“Is that progress?”

Incidentally, Suzuki did not take part in this year’s World Climate Conference. Not just because he doesn’t want to fly anymore. “It’s the 26th conference,” he criticizes. “And now, for the first time ever, they have fossil fuels in their records. Is that progress? ”Asks Suzuki.

Solve problems without terror

Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenney condemned Suzuki’s statements as “dangerous”. “In Canada we can resolve our differences peacefully, without terror or violence”.

“Fridays for Sabotage”

In Germany, too, a radical climate activist made people sit up and take notice. “Destroyed car showrooms, destroyed cars, sabotage in gas-fired power plants or on pipelines. That’s definitely going to happen next summer. I hear that from the movement, even from rather moderate actors, ”reports the 45-year-old climate protection activist and left-wing professional demonstrator Tadzio Müller in an interview. (eXXpress reported).

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