Saturday, November 27, 2021

Massive ridicule campaign against mandatory vaccination demonstrators

Massive ridicule campaign against mandatory vaccination demonstrators

It was the largest demo against Corona measures that Vienna has seen so far. Thousands of people, mostly peaceful, brought their displeasure with the planned vaccination requirement onto the streets of the city center on Saturday. On the Internet, they do not receive approval for this, but also a lot of ridicule and scorn.

Rene Rabeder
21 November 2021 19:58

While the demos were still in full swing, rumors and warnings were circulated to potential participants in Telegram and Whatsapp groups. Alleged anti-vaccination campaigners feared that the police helicopters used could distribute Pfizer vaccine over demonstrators using spray devices.

Inoculating from the underground

The fact that participants in the demo would be vaccinated out of manhole covers also spread on the Internet. It is known from a reliable source that employees of the City of Vienna are hiding under the manhole covers and trying to vaccinate their calves. It’s no joke, you should wear high boots for protection.

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