Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Human proximity too dangerous – euthanasia only for vaccinated people

Human proximity too dangerous – euthanasia only for vaccinated people

The German association for euthanasia caused horror in a broadcast. Only fully vaccinated terminally ill people can count on euthanasia. “Human closeness is a prerequisite and breeding ground for corona virus transmission,” it says on the homepage.

Johanna Tschavoll
21 November 2021 12:31

As the association announced on Friday, its employees will in future only be holding hands with vaccinated dying people. On the homepage, for example, it says that the closeness resulting from euthanasia is a “prerequisite and breeding ground for coronavirus transmission”. In addition, the terminally ill would have to test themselves in addition to the vaccination before meeting with euthanasia staff.

The network is divided

The club’s 2G announcement now went viral on social media: Many users were outraged, while others reacted with understanding. “What then, not even in company can one die anymore? One perversion chases the other! ”Wrote one user. “2G is required by law.
Where is the problem? The association sets these rules for itself. HOUSE RIGHT! ”Wrote another.

“Human closeness is the breeding ground for the coronavirus.”

Do you find the association’s 2G regulation justified?

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