Saturday, November 27, 2021

Employees of the left “Tagesspiegel” arrested as a smuggler

Employees of the left-wing “Tagesspiegel” arrested as a smuggler

It is reminiscent of the “Relotius” case. The German blogger and journalist of the left Berlin portal “Tagesspiegel” Sebastian Leber (44) was arrested on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina – he was accompanied by a group of migrants whom he allegedly wanted to bring illegally across the border to later whose grief to write an article.

Rene Rabeder
21 November 2021 15:01

Leber had crossed the border illegally with seven migrants. Attempts to create their own, maudlin ”story, however, were stopped by Croatian border police.

Smuggling charges dropped – appeal

The incident occurred on Friday in the municipality of Cetingrad near the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Karlovac City Court sentenced the journalist to a fine of 3,600 kuna (500 euros) for illegally crossing the border. The court dropped charges of smuggling brought by the border police. The border police announced an appeal against the first instance judgment.

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