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Compulsory vaccination: Hofer criticizes Schallenberg’s “battle rhetoric”

Compulsory vaccination: Hofer criticizes Schallenberg’s “battle rhetoric”

Federal Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) described the Corona demo in Vienna’s inner city as an “impertinence”. He would have much more understanding than for the opponents of the compulsory vaccination with the “anger of the vaccinated”. Norbert Hofer (FPÖ) accused the Chancellor of “fighting rhetoric”.

editorial staff
21 November 2021 16:22

The former FPÖ boss summed up his experiences at the protests in Vienna: “I had many conversations with people who do not belong to my party. Forced vaccination creates the greatest lack of understanding – even with vaccinated people. You see yourself lied to. The battle rhetoric from the mouth of a chancellor is inappropriate and deepens the rifts. “

“Actually an imposition”

Chancellor Schallenberg previously expressed incomprehension in an interview about the demonstration against the latest Corona measures, such as mandatory vaccination. “There is a lot in this country that is difficult to understand at the moment, and that is definitely part of it.” The freedom of assembly is “one of the basic pillars of an open democratic society”, but as far as the protest on Saturday is concerned, the Chancellor’s opinion is clear: “That is actually an imposition” – especially with regard to the health of the police officers, for whose work Schallenberg has the “highest respect”. Literally: “This is ultimately also about the health integrity of the officers.”

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