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So now: Upper Austria and Salzburg will go into lockdown from Monday!

So now: Upper Austria and Salzburg are going into lockdown again!

In the tug-of-war over stricter measures, Upper Austria and Salzburg have apparently given in: As LH Thomas Stelzer announced, both countries will go into lockdown again from Monday – for several weeks.

editorial staff
18 November 2021 10:28

The reason for this is the tense situation in the hospitals. The lockdown is said to last “several weeks” according to initial information. Stelzer, like Vienna’s mayor Michael Ludwig, wants to campaign “for a nationwide uniform and tough approach” at the summit of the provincial governors, he announced on Thursday.

If there is no nationwide lockdown, “we will prepare in Upper Austria for further necessary tightening”. In the afternoon he has convened the state’s medical expert board to discuss the next steps.

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