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Viennese police investigate the burglary of unaccompanied minors

Viennese police investigate the burglary of unaccompanied minors

The Viennese investigator group “Messerer” succeeded in clearing up a series of burglaries on the Danube Island. The burglars are said to have been perpetrated by a group of minors from Syria, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Turkey and Iraq.

editorial staff
16 November 2021 13:06

Since June, the ten minors are said to have committed six break-ins in restaurants on the Danube Island. The Chechens, Afghans, Syrians, Turks and Iraqis, four of whom are only 13 and six are not older than 16, had looted and destroyed cash and other valuables.

The duplication

In the course of a break-in, seven electric boats were stolen, with which the group is believed to have also driven. Then the boats were simply left damaged. The police officers from the water police had to laboriously pull them back to the landing stage.

The total damage amounts to a sum in the upper four-digit euro range. All ten young people were reported at large, four of them are under 14 years of age and therefore even minors.

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