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Wedding behind bars: Julian Assange is allowed to marry

Wedding behind bars: Julian Assange is allowed to marry

Small happy ending for Julian Assange: The Wikileaks founder, who has been imprisoned in London’s Belmarsh prison since 2019, is allowed to marry the mother of his two children, Stella Morris – and even invite guests to the maximum security wing!

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12 November 2021 09:10

“Reason has triumphed!” Says Stella Morris happily. It was only in October that Julian Assagne (50) applied to marry his fiancée. Lo and behold, just under a month later, the approval came, as the British “Guardian” reports.

Assange and Morris have been a couple since his time in exile in the Ecuadorian embassy and have two children together. The ceremony will take place in London’s Belmarsh Prison, where Assagne has been in the wedding wing since 2019. The Wikileaks founder is allowed to invite a few guests and invite two groomsmen.

US extradition proceedings are pending against Julian Assange. The United States accuses him of obtaining and disclosing national defense information. The platform he founded had published hundreds of thousands of documents on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and thus, according to the US, endangered the security of soldiers and secret service workers.

Stella Morris, who also defended her fiancé Julian Assange as a lawyer, says: “I am relieved that reason has triumphed and I hope that there will be no further interference with our marriage.”

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