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“EXXpress Life: The Coaching and Service Magazine” with Carina Schwarz

“eXXpress Life: The Coaching and Service Magazine” with Carina Schwarz

Every Friday at 8:15 p.m. we devote ourselves to important topics relating to body, mind and soul and provide you with helpful tips and impulses for a good life! In the sixth episode of “eXXpress Life” everything revolves around an essential pillar of life: the breath. Tonight at 8:15 p.m. on eXXpressTV – now also in Magenta’s cable network in 170th place!

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12 November 2021 13:03

Breath means life. One breath marks the beginning and the end of life. We can survive for some time without food, water, and light – but only for a few minutes without air. When we breathe, oxygen reaches our lungs and from there is distributed throughout the body via the blood. Because only if our organs are permanently supplied with oxygen can they do their work optimally.

No matter when, how and where: the breath is omnipresent. How we breathe is a reflection of our physical and mental condition. If you want to lead a more conscious life, you should breathe consciously. Because the relaxed breath is followed by a relaxed mind. But the modern, western world makes healthy breathing difficult for us in the long run. Stress and worry subconsciously affect our breathing. Often we do not even notice that we are breathing too short and too shallowly. There are also allergens and pollutants in the air. Clothing that is too tight, cramped sitting, incorrect posture and lack of exercise also hinder adequate oxygen intake.

eXXpress life coach Carina Schwarz with Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann.Tristan Breyer

Breath is an essential key to physical and psychological well-being. The subtle and haunting effectiveness of deep and round breathing has been known for thousands of years. Many people are happy to experience the breath as the central key to health, self-knowledge and life change.

That is why we are diving with psychotherapists and breathing experts Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann enters the world of breathing. In addition to an interesting talk, you can also expect breathing exercises that you can easily do at home – tonight at 8.15 p.m. on eXXpressTV!

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