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AUA attacks low-cost airlines with competitive prices

AUA attacks low-cost airlines with competitive prices

More flight connections and lower prices – with this strategy Austrian Airlines wants to put its low-cost competitor from Ireland Ryanair and the Hungarian Wizz Air in their place. The foreseeable longing of customers to travel in summer and the growing number of airline bookings are bringing the price war for customers back into focus.

Marko Boranijasevic
10 November 2021 08:01

The Austrian management has decided to increase its capacities and in the summer of 2022 it will reach at least 80 percent of the pre-crisis level – currently it is 60 percent of the supply. To Cancun in Mexico, Malé in the Maldives, Mauritius in the Indian Ocean – three sunny long-distance travel destinations to escape the cold season – it should go up to three times a day to Palma de Mallorca, twice a day to Tel Aviv, Athens and Larnaka. Increases for other destinations are to follow. The AUA is also increasing the number of aircraft on short and medium-haul routes by ten to 50 planes.

For 59 € to Mallorca there and back

Customers will be able to fly to Mallorca and back from Schwechat for as little as 59 euros. One way the customer is there for 39 euros, mind you, without luggage. The competition from the AUA never sleeps. The Hungarian Wizz currently holds around nine percent in Vienna, while its competitor Ryanair holds around 17 percent. Austrian currently has a market share of around 50 percent.

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