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Help for Poland’s border guards: is Nehammer sending the Cobra?

Help for Poland’s border guards: is Nehammer sending the Cobra?

Can we return the favor at least a little for 1683 now? The situation on Poland’s border with Belarus threatens to spiral out of control. The pictures are too reminiscent of those from 2015. Thousands of migrants try to get into the EU every day – and they do not shy away from extreme violence. Austria will support Poland in protecting the border, promised Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP).

Rene Rabeder
9 November 2021 12:25

“The Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko believes again that he can blackmail the European Union with deliberately induced streams of migrants. Europe cannot put up with that. The EU Commission must support Poland in securing the EU’s external border and provide the necessary funds for the erection of a robust border fence. Offering help with the registration of migrants is the completely wrong signal, ”Nehammer told eXXpress.

Eko Cobra on the outer border

Masked Cobra officials at the Greek border fence.© Image: Cobra / BM

In any case, Austria will stand by Poland’s side in solidarity. “Just as we have secured the EU’s external border in Greece and Lithuania, we also offer our support to Poland,” the interior minister promised. 13 forces from the Cobra special unit and an armored vehicle strengthened the protection of the EU’s external border in Lithuania at the beginning of August.

Migrants try to get into the EU by force

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