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Constitutional Court overturns inquiries about vaccination status of students

Constitutional Court overturns inquiries about vaccination status of students

The highest constitutional court in France has overturned the possibility of inquiring about the vaccination status of students in the fight against the coronavirus. This rule is a “disproportionate violation of the right to respect for private life,” ruled the State Council now.

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9 November 2021 21:03

The National Assembly passed a law last week that would allow school principals to inquire about the vaccination status of students. The opposition had called the State Council to clarify whether the law was compatible with the constitution. However, the State Council declared another central provision of the law to be permissible. According to this, the government can regulate access to certain places with the help of a health passport until next summer. The Corona-Pass complies with the 3G rule and provides information via QR code as to whether someone has been vaccinated, recovered or recently tested. It was supposed to expire in mid-November, but has now been extended by parliament.

Increasing numbers of infections

The opposition had accused the government of “health authoritarianism” after the law passed. She also criticized the fact that the regulation applies until after the presidential election. This gives the government a “license” for its health policy. The government majority, however, pointed out that the passport would only be used when it was necessary.

In France, too, the number of infections is currently rising again. The nationwide incidence is 73 cases per week per 100,000 people. The vaccination rate for over-twelve-year-olds is around 89 percent.

Have you already been vaccinated against the corona virus?

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