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Breast war on the web: “Everything is real with me!”

Breast war on the web: “Everything is real with me!”

Really weird: After fake allegations, thousands of hateful comments and constant Instagram bans, top model Veronika Rajek has now provided evidence – and made a breast check. Including a medical certificate!

editorial staff
9 November 2021 08:32

She has 1.1 Instagram followers, her fans love her and yet the social media platform regularly bans her. Veronika Rajek (25)! Why? According to the Slovak model, because she just “looks too good”. Many people would therefore consider them a fake. In fact, it is so beautiful that many do not consider it real and therefore report its profile as a fake. “They think I’m an artificial intelligence or a fraud,” complains Rajek. “I call myself an alien – people just don’t believe I really exist.” That is discriminatory.

That’s why Veronika now went on the offensive – and even had a doctor confirm that her breasts are real! On the Instagram video, which is well worth seeing, she writes: “The is only TRUTH”.

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