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Pictures like 2015: The asylum storm on the EU border is escalating

Pictures like 2015: The asylum storm on the EU border is escalating

In view of these images, memories of 2015 are awakened. The storm on the EU’s external border between Belarus and Poland is developing into a real hurricane.

Rene Rabeder
8 November 2021 11:44

Meanwhile, Belarus is continuing to expand its flight plans. Around 40 weekly flights from Istanbul, Damascus and Dubai are planned until March. It should soon be possible to fly to five other Belarusian airports from the Middle East. The EU now wants to take countermeasures. The Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko is fueling illegal migration across the Polish EU eastern border to Germany. In German security circles, it is estimated that around 800 to 1000 migrants currently land in Belarus every day. Upon arrival, they are supported by the country’s regime in getting into the EU.

The situation on Poland’s external EU border has threatened to get completely out of control over the past few weeks. Immigrants repeatedly throw stones at border soldiers, and fences are violently torn down. That comes from videos of the Polish border guards.

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