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Business travel in a private jet: does the EU jet set care about the climate?

Business travel in a private jet: does the EU jet set care about the climate?

This story excited eXXpress readers. To save the climate, EU citizens should refrain from short-haul flights. Commission head Ursula von der Leyen (63, CDU) does not even try to set a good example. She even took a private jet for the 47 kilometers from Vienna to Bratislava. And so it is not an isolated case.

Rene Rabeder
5 November 2021 18:24

The EU Commission and especially its boss like to travel a lot, very often by plane and not infrequently also with the most CO2-damaging variant, the business jet. If you analyze the travel data of the commission, which has been in office since December 2019, you will find 773 trips listed there. Divided into 27 people.

109 of these trips were carried out with so-called “air taxis” – specifically chartered business jets. Commission head von der Leyen is the front runner. 20 of their 39 trips were made with such jets. Cost: just under 80,000 euros. Including the short-haul highlight Vienna-Bratislava in June 2021 (eXXpress reported).

The free member of the European Parliament, Harald Vilimsky, posted a list of opulent trips on Twitter on Friday.

List of business trips

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