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Andreas Tögel: The fairy tale of “structural discrimination”

Andreas Tögel: “Gender Pay Gap” – the fairy tale of “structural discrimination

There is again a lot of complaint these days about discrimination against women in the workplace. Lower incomes are cited as evidence. This wage inequality is of course a real scandal – at least from the point of view of full-time feminists.

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4 November 2021 06:20

the question of why the entrepreneurial class is so stupid, which – as Karl Marx puts it in his imaginative prose – specializes in deceiving the working masses of the “added value” of their work, expensive men to employ, where in their place they – pardon me – cheap women could exploit with greater profit, however. The greedy capitalists no longer seem to be what they were in the good old days.

On the website of the Federal Chancellery, we can find out the following on the subject: “One equal pay for equal work of equal value A variety of measures are still required in Austria to achieve this. ” All of the measures listed below are of a perfectly planned economy and do not take into account the different inclinations, interests and abilities of the sexes. The ideal, apparently not only worshiped by dyed-in-the-wool Marxists, is always that equalitythat with the utmost of course Justice is confused.

The more equal the society, the fewer women choose STEM

Since a large part of the complained income differences result from the strongly divergent interests of women and men – and the resulting different career choices, drastic (coercive) government measures will be required to remedy the situation. While boys are drawn to apprenticeships that promise relatively high wages, the situation is different for young women, provided they do not attend higher schools: For them, retail and hairdressing are still at the top of their wish lists. But even if equality officers don’t like to hear that: Service jobs are paid less than jobs in production – which, by the way, has nothing to do with the malice of the entrepreneurs, but with the Added value the activity has to do. It is no coincidence that the mechanical engineering and automotive industries have higher wages than the bakery.

Similar patterns emerge in university studies: women prefer to move into “soft” disciplines (“something with people“), While men are more likely to occupy MINT-Fans (Mathematics, Informatik, Nnatural science and Technik), which promise well-paid jobs for the graduates. It is by no means unfair that qualified engineers in the computer industry earn more than gender scientists.

However, anyone who believes that more intensive gender equality efforts would help more women to get well-paid jobs is wrong. The findings that a British study brought to light in 2018 rather point in the opposite direction ( In a nutshell: the more equal the society, the fewer women decide to study MINT – for example in Finland and Sweden, where their share is only 20 percent. In the “macho country” Algeria, however, it is around 50 percent: The further the equality in a country, the fewer women chose the MINT subjects. ” And further: “Countries with a high degree of gender equality are often welfare states in which happiness in life does not depend so extremely on the job. That is why women in these countries felt more free to pursue their true inclinations. ” With that, all has been said. It is possible that different sets of chromosomes play a role, something that the egalitarian group tends to overlook.

Contracts have no gender

Incidentally, collective agreements have no gender-related salary differences. Neither do public service pay scales. So the gender pay gap has other causes. For example, the fact that fewer women than men opt for self-employment and more often for part-time work. Also noteworthy: Experimental economists have found that female Uber drivers earn less than men, for which there are certainly no “structural” reasons. The fact that the gender pay gap in this country is getting smaller every year should not be overlooked.

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