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Attack? German IT founder dies in a helicopter crash

Attack? German IT founder dies in a helicopter crash

Last Sunday there was a fatal helicopter crash in the German Odenwald. The three inmates, including IT founder Wolfgang Haupt, could only be rescued dead. As the Focus reported today, Haupt is said to have received death threats shortly before his death. The authorities are investigating “in all directions.”

Johanna Tschavoll
29 October 2021 09:30

The founder of the IT company “Augustus Intelligence”, which is based in the USA and specializes in artificial intelligence, was on board the four-seater helicopter together with a business partner (63) and his son (18) than he was previously exploded and fell to the ground for some unknown reason. The corpses could only be recovered scattered, the forensics team was on site all night. “Every screw in the foliage has to be found,” said a spokesman. “The more puzzle pieces you have, the more finished the picture will be.” This is necessary in order to be able to determine the cause of the accident.

Callers with an Arabic accent threatened violence

On appeal from relatives, the Focus reported that shortly before his sudden death, the 34-year-old entrepreneur had received calls from a stranger with an Arabic accent. This is said to have announced massive violence against him. Experts from the Braunschweig Federal Office for Aircraft Accident Investigation now want to clarify whether there was a deliberately caused detonation in the air.

Political scandal with the participation of CDU members

Haupt hit the headlines in 2018 when the CDU politicians Philipp Amthor and Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg campaigned for his company in the German Chancellery and the Ministry of Economics. The two politicians were rewarded with seats on the supervisory board and board of “Augustus Intelligence”. It also seems strange that the company’s homepage has not been available since October 21. Business operations were also discontinued.

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