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The eXXpress book tip: Everything about “Get out of the care trap”

The eXXpress book tip: Everything about “Get out of the care trap”

“Get out of the nursing trap” – with this new book, Dr. Alexander Biach sit up and take notice. The deputy director of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce investigates which key factors increase quality of life, promote longevity and which health policy measures are effective in the fight against the need for care in old age.
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22 October 2021 10:48

Life expectancy is increasing steadily. According to studies, men of currently 78 years are predicted to be 82 years old by 2030 and women can look forward to an average of 86 years, three more valuable years of life. Unfortunately, the definition of “happy” does not apply to everyone. Because “old age” is associated with fear, health problems, loneliness, helplessness – and ultimately the need for care.

But what can you do? Dr. Alexander Biach together with Mag. Barbara Fisa and Univ. Prof. Dr. Norbert Bachl in “Get out of the care trap”. The three experts from different medical fields have come together to change society and politics significantly. Because the majority of diseases and risk factors can be reduced or prevented through lifestyle and, in particular, their progression can be minimized. Countless epidemiological studies carried out worldwide have shown that regular physical activity, an appropriate diet as well as social integration and thus life satisfaction are key factors for quality of life and longevity.

But health policy measures are necessary for this. Which? Biach’s new book explores this phenomenon. Because it has been proven: Health-promoting, preventive and rehabilitative measures can maintain, promote or even regain the independence of older people. Essential requirements are a structural, personnel, financial and educational nursing reform and the nationwide use of other innovative tools, such as nursing competence centers and the Best Agers Bonus Pass.

“Get out of the nursing trap. Be active – prevent the need for care “


Dr. Alexander Biach, Deputy Director of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce
Allowed. Barbara sheet, MPH, Public Health Consultant Wien,
Prof. Dr. med. Norbert Bachl, FA for medical performance physiology, Institute for Sports Science at the University of Vienna

143 pages

Published by Springer Berlin

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