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Merkel’s farewell as Chancellor at Alexander Schallenberg’s first EU summit

Merkel’s farewell as Chancellor at Alexander Schallenberg’s first EU summit

There is coming and going in Brussels. Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) comes and experiences his first EU summit in the role of Federal Chancellor. Angela Merkel is leaving. For them it is a farewell to the political stage.

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21 October 2021 09:19

There is talk of energy supply against the background of rising gas prices. A discussion on nuclear power is also expected. And of course the events in Poland will also be a topic. The latest ruling by the Polish Constitutional Court calls into question the primacy of EU law. EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen wants to block the billions in Corona aid to Warsaw until the country has withdrawn certain judicial reforms.

For dialogue at eye level

On his inaugural visit to Brussels last week, Chancellor Schallenberg showed support for the EU Commission’s action against Poland and for withholding EU funds. At the same time, he spoke out in favor of a dialogue on equal terms and against different classes of EU membership. Other priorities of the summit are migration policy and the fight against the corona pandemic.

How do you feel about nuclear power?

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