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“Das Supertalent” flops without planks – RTL with clear words

“Das Supertalent” flops without planks – RTL with clear words

He was THE star of the “super talent”, his sayings legendary: chief juror Dieter Bohlen. After being kicked out, the once popular show is a mega-flop (eXXpress reported). Now RTL speaks out.

Catherina Schmitt
21 October 2021 09:16

After the first episode of “Supertalent” two weeks ago, RTL was already missing millions of viewers, now the next bad news: Last Saturday the show suffered the bitterest rating low to date – only 1.35 million viewers followed the once so successful “Supertalent”, which corresponds a market share of only 6.1 percent.

A catastrophe for RTL, but there are currently no plans to sell “Das Supertalent”. In fact, from RTL’s point of view, it would make little sense to cancel the show during the current season, after all, the casting episodes are already completely in the can. The broadcaster’s press spokeswoman said: “We have re-launched ‘Das Supertalent’ and thus deliberately broke with longstanding habits. We give the format the time to build a new level of acceptance among the audience. “

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