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Terror in Vienna: Murders as an advertisement for IS

Terror in Vienna: Murders as an advertisement for IS

In a press conference on the terrorist attack on November 2, 2020, information was provided about the current status of the investigation.

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20 October 2021 10:23

The terrorist attack in Vienna was already a year ago. The assassin killed four people in downtown Vienna. The current status of the investigation will now be announced at a press conference.

According to public prosecutor Nina Bussek, the proceedings regarding the terrorist attack in Vienna are still in full swing. The public prosecutor’s office confirms that the assassin acted alone in Vienna on November 2, 2020. However, a total of 20 people related to ISIS were arrested. Three people have already been charged, two of whom have been convicted.

The case against the assassin himself was dropped after his death in February.

Public Prosecutor Nina BussekeXXpressTV

According to chief investigator Michael Lohnegger, 30 house searches were carried out in the course of the investigation. According to further investigations, there should have been no specific target of the assassin. He tried to cause the greatest possible damage in the city in order to get the IS as much attention as possible.

Chief Investigator Michael LohneggereXXpressTV

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