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Now all inhibitions fall: Sebastian Kurz is “shot” in the theater

Now all inhibitions fall: Sebastian Kurz is “shot” in the theater

What is hiding here under the guise of art is an absolute scandal. “In the newly opened darkroom of the Volkstheater, the local author Lydia Haider settles accounts with the male world,” it says in an announcement. The result is summed up in one word – tasteless. Title of the work: “Strike – 1. Break the cross or so slaughter all assholes”.

Rene Rabeder
18 October 2021 14:58

Anyone who thought that the current reading of the chats by the ensemble of the Burgtheater was not particularly good style will find no more words for what Haider is bringing to the stage here.
Three actresses appear as hooded angels of death and speak death wishes into the microphone. The mad slaughter lasts 80 minutes. Andreas Kohl is beheaded, Peter Handke is turned through a meat grinder, Andreas Gabalier is nailed into a coffin with rats and André Heller is scalped.

The “house author” of the Volkstheater, Lydia Haider (36) delivers a particularly tasteless workWHAT

Shoot Sebastian Kurz

The audience should participate. Controllers of a video game console are distributed among the viewers. They are then allowed to shoot at shooting gallery figures. Including former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz or Jesus. The bigger the bloodbath, the more often one hears encouraging exclamations like “Bingo!”.

Is art allowed to do anything?

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