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Qatar accepts 100 soccer players from Afghanistan

Qatar accepts 100 soccer players from Afghanistan

According to its own information, Qatar has taken in around 100 soccer players and their families. According to the British media, there are also a number of players involved in the women’s national team. According to the reports, the world association FIFA worked closely with the Qatari government to enable the footballers to travel to the emirate.

Dominik Hana
15 October 2021 10:36

As Qatar’s Foreign Minister spokeswoman Lolwah Al-Khater wrote on Twitter, the eighth plane from Kabul arrived on Thursday with a total of 357 passengers.

Since the Taliban came to power, Afghan women athletes in particular had feared not only about their sporting future, but also about the chances of good professional training. Portugal has now taken in female soccer players from the national junior team, while Australia has evacuated more than 50 Afghan women athletes and their families. According to its own information, the UCI, the world cycling association, also helped evacuate 165 Afghan refugees, including female cyclists.

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